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Apply for
VISA to Japan
Documents Required
Travel Medical Insurance
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Please read the General Requirement for non-Thai nationals click here

Currently only the following individuals are eligible for visa application.

If your COE is expired

In case the applicant presents an expired Certificate of Eligibility issued on or after October 1st 2019, the applicant is required to show a document issued by his/her accepting organization in Japan that states the organization will still be able to accept the applicant to have him/her engage in the activities described on the application for the Certificate of Eligibility. For further information, please click here

* “Short-term” means a stay not exceeding 90 days, and “Long-term” means a stay exceeding 90 days. Since a short-term visa holder is not eligible for re-entry permit of Japan, leaving Japan results in loss of its status. In case of multiple visa, maximum length of stay per visit permitted is 90 days. For a multiple visa holder, re-entry permit is not required for its 2nd time entry and thereafter.

Non-Thai Nationals
*Please read [General information for Non-Thai Nationals] carefully before preparing your application
[General Information for Non-Thai Nationals]
1. Certificate of Eligibility (COE) in which status are "Spouse or Child of Japanese", "Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident", "Long Term Resident", Medical Service", "Instructor", "Professor", "Diplomat", or "Official" Required Documents
2. Short-term stay for spouse of Japanese Required Documents

[Embassy of Japan in Thailand]
Tel: 02-207-8503 / 02-696-3003
Telephone inquiries: Mon - Fri 08:30-12:00, 13:30-16:30
[Japan Visa Application Centre]
Tel: 02-251-5197 / 02-251-5198
Telephone inquiries: Mon - Fri 08:30-18:00


Step 1
Obtain required information:
Visit www.jp-vfsglobal-th.com
Contact the helpline number +66 (0)2 6321541
Email your query to
Visit Japan Visa Application Centre Enquiry counter
Step 2
Take a photograph
Visit the website for exact specifications [Photo Specifications]
Photograph facility is available at the Japan Visa Application Centre at a nominal additional charge
Step 3
Complete the Application Form and Questionnaire
Application Forms and Questionnaire can be downloaded from the website [visa application form]
Each applicant must submit a completed Checklist only if you are submitting your application at an Intake Centre. Checklist can be downloaded from the website [Documents Required]
Step 4
Prepare supporting documents
Visit the website [Documents Required] to know the required documents based on your purpose of travel.
Know your visa fee by visiting the website [visa fees] or contacting the helpline number +66-(0)2-251-5197/5198
Each applicant must pay the applicable Visa Fee and Service Charge. You must pay the fees in cash only while submitting your application.
Step 5
Submit your Application at the Japan Visa Application Centre
Read the security regulation notice https://jp-vfsglobal-th.com/securityregulations.html before you visit the Visa application centre
Visit the website https://jp-vfsglobal-th.com/contactus.html; https://jp-vfsglobal-th.com/publicholidayclosure.html to know the address, office hours and holidays.
Applications can be submitted through a representative or travel agents
Bring along the below documents while submitting your application:
Application Form and Questionnaire
One photograph
Visa Fee and Service Charge in cash
Supporting documents
Select your option to receive your passport
Collect your Passport from the Japan Visa Application Centre
Collect your Passport from a Thailand Post Office located close to your residence or office address by paying a nominal additional fee of THB 125 inclusive VAT
Receive passport by courier to your residence or office address by paying a nominal additional fee of THB 125 inclusive VAT
Step 6
Collection of Passport
Visit the Japan Visa Application Centre
Bring along the original Acknowledgement provided at time of submission of application
If a representative or travel agent is collecting your Passport, please provide an authorisation letter in addition to the original Acknowledgement
If you have opted to receive your passport by courier
Passport will be returned on presenting the Original Acknowledgement
Thailand Post will make 2 attempts to deliver your passport at the given address. After which, the passport will be returned to Japan Visa Application centre in Bangkok where it can be collected.