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VISA to Japan
Consent Form
VFS Japan Visa Application Centre is a service provided by VFS (Thailand) Limited (hereinafter referred to as VFS)

It is expressly understood that when the applicant applies for an entry clearance to Japan, all information provided by them will be processed by VFS for visa processing appointed by the Embassy of Japan, Thailand. The applicant is aware that the information provided will be treated in confidence according to any applicable laws in Thailand.

The applicant also understands that the information provided by them will be used for the purpose of their application processing at the Japan Visa Application Centre managed by VFS, including, but not limited to,

transfer of all the information provided by the applicant to the Embassy of Japan, Thailand and any other Japanese governmental body that requires such information for the purpose of the applicants visa processing,
for the purpose of appropriate administration of the application processing by VFS and
for the purpose of smooth application processing by VFS (including appropriate training of the staff who administer the application processing).

The applicant consents to the processing of information provided by them to VFS.